Introduction to XSalepad

The first decentralized launchpad which incentivises successful launches and investor safety.

Xsale is a decentralized protocol which is built upon the foundation of incentivising successful crypto startups across all major blockchains. Our philosophy is simple. Reward teams who create projects via our launchpad that provide high ROI for the investors. The roll-on effect this has is astonishingly high.

The current ICO/presale space is filled with developers who don't care beyond the raise itself. The reason being is that their are fewer incentives for them to really pursue the project.

Thus, Xsale focuses on the following:

  • Incentives for project owners to create a successful launch

  • Provide a user-friendly experience for all investors

  • Tiered-system for investor confidence

  • Anti-scam measures for investors

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all investors and give countless opportunities for profits to be made.

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